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Our Work

Advancing the self-determination of signing Deaf communities by strengthening local capacity in developing countries.

NTID: Global Leadership Readiness Program

July 17, 2019

How We Work

We educate and strengthen Deaf-lead advocacy organizations through organizational development, capacity building and human rights training. Every step of the organizational development process is a collaborative effort between DDW and its partners, leading to community ownership of the program and outcomes.

The collective goal is to improve the standards of education, communication accessibility, employment opportunities and human rights for Deaf people around the world.

Our team works closely to ensure that children and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing have access to information and knowledge to perform effectively in social, educational and employment.

Our Approach


DDW connects with local Deaf organizations to better understand the most pressing issues within their communities and what resources are available to them.


Upon the identification of the most pertinent community and organizational challenges, our local partners select the priority training topics that will shape the outline of the program.


We bring Deaf subject matter experts to train the community on organizational development, leadership, and human rights topics that will support the development of the partner organization and resolution of community identified issues.


With newfound knowledge and expertise, our partners export acquired skills to the local community multiplying program impact through a train-the-trainer model.


We map out strategies for sustainability by supporting our partners ability to collaborate with their local and national government leading to long-term systemic change.

Our Progress


Deaf people trained to teach other and pass on skills to their communities


Community workshops hosted by local Deaf leaders