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A message from former Board President, Shane Feldman

Hello my name is Shane Feldman, President of DDW. My term as President, a role that I have served for six years, has ended.

The new DDW officers are:

Shelley Oishi
Shane Feldman
Vice President
Travis Zornoza
Caroline Koo

Congratulations to the new DDW officers!

I want to thank three officers who served with me in the recent officer term:

Maribel Garate
Vice President
Michael Servé
Treasurer (who also served with me for six years as well)
Sarah Gordon

I want to thank them for their outstanding support in the past several years.

I also want to thank the current Co-Executive Directors, History Estill-Varner and Sachiko Flores for their great support over the past few years to transform the organization to get us to where we are today.

As I reflect on the past six years as President, I have thought about the most important lessons and takeaways from my service. That is, perseverance. DDW faced several challenges and opportunities that shaped who we are today. It is important for leaders to be committed and persevere to achieve their goals.

I want to share one brief story that prompted me to decide to become DDW President. In the Philippines I met a woman named Hazel Bual from Mindanao who told me that DDW training had a transformational impact on her life where she realized that she can lead, she can have an impact, and she saw the outcomes of her work from DDW.

That experience illustrated the impact that DDW has on organizations and individuals in the Deaf community and around the world and in the United States as well.

Thank you for your support over the last six years and again, congratulations to the new officers!

Board members who are also outgoing:

Kim Kurz

Board Member

Leah Katz-Hernandez

Board Member

Fatima M. Khan

Board Member

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