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Meet a world where signing Deaf communities thrive.

We partner with local signing Deaf communities to achieve true liberation.

We provide accessible tools, training and resources to support Deaf leaders in working together to create lasting positive changes in their communities.


Deaf Worlds (DDW) is a nonprofit organization that redirects resources to local signing Deaf communities, which have historically been the 'last to receive' important information.

Due to a shortage of resources in sign languages and the impact of colonization, their unique needs are not always considered. DDW’s mission centers on these key individuals:

DDW equips the techniques and tools to scale their organization.
  • Capacity analysis
  • Organizational development training
  • Strategic consulting for grant proposals
DDW connects family members and friends, providing tools and resources with helpful guides, tips, and clear advice.
  • Advisory service
  • Professional support
  • Strategies for connecting with the right networks
DDW collaborates with values-based businesses, focusing on improving social changes.
  • Multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives
  • Domestic and international grant application
  • Capacity-building for grantees and partners


Deaf people trained by DDW since 2014


advocacy groups in DDW's programs in the past year


years on average DDW works in each country

Although our impact numbers may be small...

so are our signing Deaf communities.

But with your support, we can help them thrive and bring about lasting changes. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Understand the challenges facing communities and why our work is needed.

Support our efforts in creating more resources and providing tools to Deaf communities in need.


Get exclusive updates on our work and learn how you can help.

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